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UNITED SIKHS on the ground in Haiti​

Port-au-Prince: A seven-member UNITED SIKHS Medical Team arrived in Port-au-Prince on 2nd February and has setup a rehabilitation camp at a nearby makeshift hospital. The team includes 5 doctors, a physical therapist and occupational therapist from Chicago, New York and Toronto. More doctors will be to join them from Seattle and Chicago next week.The team had barely settled in after an arduous journey when they started working with the victims of the quake, some with horrific injuries. The makeshift hospital required rehabilitation therapists and doctors and our team is trying their best to fill the void. The team arrived with medical supplies donated mainly by well wishers from Chicago. Press Release here

Meanwhile, UNITED SIKHS volunteers continue to serve langgar (community hot-meal) to thousands of earthquake survivors. Despite being overwhelmed by the calamity, the volunteers did not waste any time in cooking, packing and distributing hot-meals. UNITED SIKHS AID volunteers served in three different locations, escorted in certain areas by the Haitian Police. Due to lack of food and other basic amenities, the survivors get desperate and our volunteers witnessed situations where poor Haitians fought each other for meals. Press Release here

“It is truly amazing to see the energy and spirit that the entire Sikh community has shown to this cause. We have so many volunteers ready to go to Haiti, to help wherever they can. Even after hearing of the hardships and dangers, they are as determined as ever. The entire Sikh community is in fact dedicated to this cause and we’ve all come together with UNITED SIKHS and have started making a difference to the people of Haiti”

– Bikramjit Singh Sandhar, President of Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey, BC.

To Find out more about the UNITED SIKHS efforts in Haiti or to contribute to their Haiti Appeal, CLICK HERE

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