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SYA’s 3rd Melbourne Leadership Development Weekend

Fun is the key…

On the 12th-14th September weekend, 40 young adults attended Melbourne’s 3rd Annual Leadership Development Weekend held at Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza, Victoria; a beautiful beach side recreational camp retreat site with an abundance of facilities.

The program, entitled “Authentic Personal Leadership” was facilitated by the renowned Dr. Sarjit Sidhu, the Managing Director/ Principal Consultant of Quantum Achievers Academy (Malaysia). He is a dynamic and interactive trainer & speaker, having conducted courses all over Asia in the corporate sphere.

Here is what a participant had to say:

“The Leadership Weekend was an exciting and empowering learning experience. Meeting a number of enthusiastic and passionate attendees sharing similar goals was a great start to the weekend. The variety of indoor and outdoor activities enabled me to understand what authentic leadership is all about. Some key factors being: knowing your authentic self, listening, and above all appreciating. Encouraging discussion of the history of Sikhism and participating in Paath, kirtan and simran made this weekend complete. I recommend this leadership development program to others for its fun and valuable learning experience.

SYA would like to sincerely thank all the sewadars, facilitators, participants and supporters who made this year’s Melbourne Leadership Development Program possible. With Waheguru’s Grace we hope this sewa continues to empower and uplift future generations of proud Sikh youth in Australia.


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