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SYA Volunteer Spotlight: Monisha Bhogal

Welcome to the first of a series of SYA Volunteer Spotlights! Ever wondered who the (lovely) faces behind all the cool camps and events we run? Now is your chance to find out!

Read on to hear about Monisha (or Mona as her friends call her) and her journey from finding SYA to getting involved in volunteering! We promise, it’s worth the read 🙂

1. When/how did you first discover SYA?

In 2010, a friend told me that she was going to SYA Summer Camp and I should come along as well. So I decided to join her, with absolutely no idea what to expect.

2. Since then what have you loved most about SYA?

The most obvious answer would have to be the people. I walked into my first camp only knowing one person, and I walked out with a whole 50 new Facebook friends.

That one week at camp, you get transported to a whole other world. It’s just you, your jatha, your age group, the uncles, the auntiyaan, the kids, Gyani ji, the neighbours, the ministers, everyone else and that’s about it.

3. Why did you choose to get involved in volunteering?

The main reason was that I love camp and felt that other people should know about it and get involved too.

4. What do you do as an SYA volunteer?

I’m part of the Communications and PR Teams, and we aim to come up with events that engage the Sikh youth of Australia. As young people ourselves, we have a lot of fun exploring and implementing fresh ideas which will appeal to our generation, such as Green Day Out where we had an Amazing Race around Harris Park.

5. What would you say to anyone thinking of volunteering for SYA?

You don’t even realise that you’re volunteering because you’re just having so much fun working with people who you genuinely enjoy being around, yet you still manage to greatly contribute to society and develop skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication which look very impressive on resumes.

6. What’s your most glorious camp memory?

This is the hardest question.
We were all randomly brought down to the hall one night to take part in the night activity of ‘Bhangra Aerobics’…and it was the fun-est experience ever! And the rest is history!

The next SYA Summer Camp will be held from the 7th-12th of January, 2014, for more info click here.
For more information or opportunities to volunteer with sya email us!

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