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SYA representing @ 2010 Youth Harmony Day

Sikh Youths attending the Youth Harmony Festival held at Tumbalong Park in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on Sunday, 11th March, were a great hit.
They manned a stall put up by Sikh Youth Australia which distributed Sikh literature donated by Sydney’s gurdwaras.
The youths also sang a special shabad for the occasion and put up a fantastic cultural performance.
Supported by members of the Sikh Youth Australia’s management committee, the youths spent the day telling Australians and other visitors to the Park all about the Sikh faith.
The big hit was a special Bhangra item put up by Manu Singh and his Platinum Bhangra group. They taught those in the audience several steps and before long had a 50-strong following dancing and shouting bale bale, shava and chak deh.
Seeing Australians of all ages perform the bhangra was a truly magnificent sight and Manu is to be commended for his efforts to promote our Sikh culture in such an educational and fun manner.
Some of the non-Punjabi youths at the event were so thrilled that it would not be surprising to see some of them performing in Bhangra groups and giving the dance an international flavor.
The NSW Harmony Day director spoke highly of SYA’s involvement, “It was great that SYA were involved in the event” said Rosa Stathis, CRC NSW, “The performances were terrific and have been very well received. People are raving about it!”
The Harmony Day event was organised specially for youth by the NSW Community Relations Commission.
To see the official photos from the day CLICK HERE!
SYA would like to thank all those who participated in the event and helped to make it a success:

Choir participants
Devpaal Singh, Prabpreet Singh, Amrita Kaur, Nimrita Kaur, Symret Kaur, Jaipaal Singh, Andy Kaur, Gurmeet Kaur, Tabla: Satwindarjit Singh

Bhangra Performers
Manu Singh of Platinum Bhangra Group, Bhulla Singh

Stall Helpers
Harmeet Kaur, Ishween Kaur, Nisha Johll, Pavan Johll, Navjeet Randhawa, Amardeep Gill, Harpreet Singh, Manmeet Kaur

Organising team
Satwant Calais, Amrik Minhas, Andy Kaur, Jaswinder Sidhu, Ajmer Singh, Surinderjeet Singh

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