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Sikh Youth Australia Plans for its Future

Over the years Sikh Youth Australia has sought to raise the bar in championing high quality, progressive initiatives for the Sikh youth of this nation. This year we are embarking on a ground breaking new initiative and invite you to take part!

We seek your ideas and suggestions to help us shape our future direction as a successful and sustainable Sikh organisation in the service of our youth.

SYA is looking to prepare a Strategic Plan for the future of our organisation – defining its vision, goals and identifying programs and services it should provide for our Sikh youth in Australia and the wider community going forward. A key element of this project is community consultation

The consultation process will involve the following stages:

  1. Online Survey – open to all interested parties.
  2. Stakeholder Interview – talking with key members of the community, the organisation and active youth.
  3. Community Workshop – inviting a cross section of our community for final consultation and discussion. 
Given the limitations of resources and space, the Community Workshop will involve a small cross section of our supporters including parents, senior and junior youth – selected without prejudice – to participate in this exercise.

We would encourage and welcome as many of our youths and supporters as possible to also use the short online survey to contribute their ideas and thoughts to this process. You can do so by
CLICKING HERE. Even if you have not had much direct inteaction with SYA to-date, we still very much value your ideas and views – please take a moment to share them in the survey.

The strategic plan is being prepared with the assistance of two external independent and experienced consultants
Mahesh Enjeti and Manraj Khuman.

As you can see, the objectives of the strategic planning exercise are very significant and this is an immense undertaking. SYA has a proven track record of achieving high quality results for the benefit of our youth and this is no exception. Join us and be part of the future of Sikhi in this great nation.

The SYA Strategic Plan 2010-2015 will be completed in June 2010 and launched soon after.

If you have any queries on the plan and process please do not hesitate to
send us an email.

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