Saturday January 3rd, 2015

Dear SYA Supporter,

SYA has hit the ground running this new year with a Jam-Packed-January full of exciting events!
The 17th Annual SYA Summer Camp 2015 is just around the corner! Have you registered yet? Be sure to spread the word to your friends and family – the more the merrier!

Be inspired by the visually appeasing art that Amandeep Singh (UK) has to offer. The world famous Inquisitive is making a guest appearance at the Summer Camp. So don’t miss out!

Following Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji’s successful tour in 2013, Sikh Youth Australia is pleased to bring Veer Ji back on an international tour of Malaysia and Australia.

Giani Sukhdaiv Singh Ji (Malaysia) is back and ready to enlighten us with his thoughts on Gurbani. Catch him at the SYA Summer Camp and programs around Australia.

Finally, don’t miss out on your annual dose of “Tuhi Tuhi” with Veer Manpreet Singh Ji. Be sure to find him at the SYA Summer camp.

SYA Team

SYA Summer Camp 2015

Get excited for the 17th SYA Summer Camp! This is going to be the best camp you've ever had!

Inkquisitive Illustration Australia Tour 2015 - ‘Imperfection Is Beauty’

Based in the UK, Inquisitive Illustration a.k.a. Amandeep Singh has won over the world with his unique art forms. His are the hands behind the unique, colourful and vibrant photos you would have seen online, with a following of over 300,000!


Giani Sukhdaiv Singh Australia Tour

Veer Manpreet Singh’s Australia Keertan Tour 2015

Veer Ji is back for another year of invigorating Keertan. For venues and timings see the event info inside!