Thursday April 14th, 2011

Dear SYA Supporter,

Welcome to a Special Vesakhi Edition of SYA Connect!

SYA would like to wish you a most BLESSED VESAKHI! As we celebrate this glorious day in our proud history, may we reflect and draw strength from it's meaning and let it inspire us to lead a purposeful life on the Guru's Path.

We have been very busy at SYA these past few months - take a few moments to check out what we have been up to!

As always, please visit for more interesting news, event updates and info on SYA activities around Australia.


The SYA Team


Veer Manpreet & SYA Youth Jathas Tour CD

NEW CD RELEASE: Selected Shabads by Veer Manpreet and Youth Jathas at the recent 2011 SYA Summer Camp are now available on CD at your local Sydney Gurdwaras or for download here!

SYA Donates $2000 To Victims Of Queensland Floods.

Following the recent floods in Queensland, SYA received a request from the Sikhs in Innisfail and Tully for assistance, and responded with open hearts