Saturday August 7th, 2010

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Welcome to the third edition of the SYAConnect E-newsletter!

In this issue, we have our rundown of the leadership camp as well as a participant's experience, Official photos and an interesting change of management with the construction of 4 new management teams, each focusing on different areas of SYA.

We also have articles on our very own website, which won a major international award! Karan's final leg of Kokoda, with pictures and a recount of everyday of his adventure, a rundown of the 2010 Blood drive held at Austral Gurdwara, who did so well that the Red Cross had to in fact turn away blood doners, closing shop! A marvelous effort.

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A Step Towards the Future

“The SYA youths coming on stream are young, full of energy and highly capable and I am sure they will be able to take over the full running of the organisation before long.’'

An Experience Worth Cherishing, A Weekend Well-Spent

The writer had such a great time at SYA’s leadership camp in June 2010 that she wanted everyone to know how she felt at the end of it. Below she tells of the wonderful experience it was for her.

Karan’s Take On Kokoda [Final Part]

'Kokoda trail was easily the most physically gruelling, mentally challenging and emotionally draining experience I’ve ever had in my life', Karans spiel after truely taking on kokoda!

SYA Austral Blood Drive & Winter Appeal

I is not often that a Red Cross blood unit collecting blood is faced with the prospect of turning away blood donors, but this was just the case on the 17th of July 2010 at Austral Gurdwara.