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Posted on 19/07/13 by Andrew Toor | Category: Announcements

Professor Jaswant’s Seminar Tour Down Under

For the 2nd year running Sikh Youth Australia in partnership with the Sikh Interfaith Council of Australia hosted a series of seminars on Sikhi and Gurbani. The seminars were conducted by the insightful Dr Jaswant Singh from the Sikh centre of Singapore. The series ran from the 24th to the 27th of June and was a continuation on from the highly successful inaugural series held last year.

As it is stated in Gurbani that Waheguru is “Unfathomable”, every presenter will always add a certain dimension to our on-going learning and understanding. Dr Jaswant Singh is an experienced lecturer hailing from Punjabi University Patiala, and has lectured in various other countries. He presented a refreshing approach to the topics and provided enough stimulus for further contemplation and research.

Over 250 people attended the 4 night program held at the Punjabi school of Blackburn Gurdawara. Attendees from all walks of life were guided through a formal classroom learning experience to explore and understand various aspects of our relationship with Waheguru. The range of topics discussed at the seminar included:

  • Why and how should we pray
  • Realisation of waheguru in our personal life
  • Rehras – understanding the divine abode and how to overcome vices.


The seminars were in English with quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Gurmukhi. Our journey with the Guru continues and we look forward to having further sessions with Dr Jaswant in the near future.

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