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Jaspreet’s Moment of Madness!

Unfortunately it is rare to find a person today who has not been affected in some way by cancer – either through a personal illness or that of a family member or friend. Wouldn’t it be great if this was not the case: Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cure for cancer?


Hi, I’m Jaspreet Kaur and in a moment of(slight) madness, I’ve decided to swim a 2km ocean marathon on January 29 next year. The reason I’ve decided to put myself through what is surely going to be a (at least partially) torturous process is to raise funds for cancer research.

This is all made possible through Can Too, a not-for-profit organisation that will provide me with 12 weeks of training for this event. Instead of paying for the coaching, I will raise at least $1,250 (although I’d love to make this an even $2000, blame the obsessive-compulsive in me) which all goes directly to finding a cure for cancer.

I’ve already been hard at work making sure I’ll be able to cross that line come January and official training starts in November. I’ll be diving into that freezing ocean every Saturday morning for the next 12 weeks (training starts at 8.30am! You see what I mean about torture?)

I am asking for your support through a donation of any amount (seriously! No amount is too small – or too large!). To make a simple online donation, go to the Can Too Donation Page . Remember every donation over $2 is tax deductible!
Payment is via credit card, cash, money order or bank cheque. Alternatively, you can also download a paper sponsorship form.
I’d like to share my journey and SYA has kindly invited me to do so via their website. I’ll be posting blogs and pictures here fairly regularly so watch this space!
Let’s cure cancer together!

Jaspreet Kaur

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