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Harvinder’s Thoughts on 10 Years of SYA Leadership Development

Testimonial by Veer Harvinder Singh – Thoughts on 10 Years of SYA Leadership Development


As we all know this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Sikh Youth Australia Leadership Development Program. 10 years ago facilitators were hand selected and among them was Veer Harvinder Singh Ji (presently Chairman & Group Managing Director at PSI inCONTROL, a multinational software systems company), for which he continued to serve us for the following 5 years. Here are some thoughts he wanted to share with participants this year.

“A little more than 10 years ago, Veer Satwant Singh called me and introduced himself from SYA. I have no idea where he heard about me but he shared the SYA intention of creating a program for youth development, in addition to the Summer Camp.

We discussed the need for youth development and I shared my thought that camps are great for a Sikhi experience but what we needed in addition could possibly be a development program where young adults get leadership training to manage themselves for success.
I explained to Satwant that, after 20 years of going to samelans and camps, trying to change the present was impossible. However, if we empowered enough souls to unmask their true capability, we can change the future. I found that there was an opportunity for developing a program to empower the youth to become successful in their personal lives in addition to being religiously grounded. If “I” am not successful in my personal undertakings, how can “I” be a contributor to the community.

Well, the Leadership Camp was born from this discussions. I’m thoroughly pleased that 10 years have quickly passed and the program grows in its success from year on year. This means that participants are deriving value from the experiences and knowledge that they gain from this camp. This means that they are LEADING themselves to step up.

This program is about LEADERSHIP. Remember, we LEAD ourselves and not others. If we are good leaders, others will be inspired by our ACTIONS (not words) and may choose to follow us. Everything in this world rises and falls on leadership. From the family to the largest corporation, individual leaderships decides the heights to which we will live and inspire others too.

I congratulate you for attending this camp. It’s probably one of the best decisions of your life. You will never be the same again after this camp.

I thank all the SYA organisers and facilitators that have been sacrificing their precious time and resources to keep this camp growing from strength to strength. May Waheguru bless your souls and let your “body” radiate this blessing to others. I thank you for making me a part of this TEAM that will change the future.

I leave you with my interpretation of the Mool Mantra that help me be who I am;
I’m one with GOD
This is the eternal TRUTH
I’m thus the CREATOR of my destiny
As such, I can create FEARLESSLY
and I choose not to HATE
As my soul is IMMORTAL
and will live FOREVER
I’m self INSPIRED to BE MORE everyday, for nothing can destroy my Soul
and my GURU has given me this knowledge and his blessings”

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