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Veer Bhupinder Singh International Tour

The Living Treasure International Tour with VEER BHUPINDER SINGH


Following Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji’s successful tour in 2013, Sikh Youth Australia is pleased to bring Veer Ji back on an International tour of Malaysia and Australia. Veer Bhupinder Singh Ji, an experienced civil engineer, heads the Living Treasure organisation,


He conducts seminars, talk-shows, discourses, Kirtan Satsangs on topics of social upliftment and spiritual enlightenment. These have been held in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and India. An excellent communicator in English and Punjabi, Veer Bhupinder has the capacity and knowledge to convey the teachings in the SGGS Ji, to people of all age groups in an engaging manner. Veer Ji is also keen to share the teachings of Sikhi on contemporary issues facing our parents and young generation living overseas.

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