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In 2005 Sikh Youth Australia initiated annual leadership camps for young Sikhs aged 18 years and above. The aim was to empower Sikh youths with leadership skills and qualities so they could progress in their chosen careers. The camps also enable them to work as teams, thus gaining a better understanding of how to form and maintain strong relationships with others. Today, these youths also act as advocates for a Sikh way of life. They have benefited from the camps by gaining a better understanding of their own goals and directions in life.


This year we have embarked on a new direction by engaging successful entrepreneurs and trainers to deliver an internationally accredited leadership training program called PX2.

What is PX2?


A curriculum of The Pacific Institute® (TPI) designed exclusively for young people, focusing on unlocking and leveraging potential by understanding your mind. PX2 TM is an internationally recognized course – you can find out more about the program at


Why is it important to learn how your mind works?

  • Your current beliefs and attitudes shape your expectations for the future.
  • Being in control of what you think gives you the power to change the way you live your life.
  • Understanding how your mind works promotes self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong ethical centre.
  • PX2TM is a tool for used by business and its employees to create outstanding teams, leaders and ongoing success.
  • PX2TM is a life-changing experience.

Traits of a PX2TM Graduate:

  • Heightened self-confidence
  • Self-motivated
  • Accountable in all aspects of their lives
  • Goal and end-result oriented
  • Supremely engaged
  • Open-minded and flexible
  • Creative
  • Sensitive to the behaviour of other people
  • Effective decision-maker
  • Understand how to manage disappointment
  • Empower achievement over and over

Each graduate will be given their own personal workbook/ manual as well as a certificate of attendance issued by The Pacific Institute.




You can find out more about our team of fantastic experienced, international facilitators Here


Tailored Content Right for You


Following feedback, we have segmented this year’s Program into different age groups. The facilitators will be using the latest communication techniques and drawing on their own unique experiences to target content to each segment and maximise its effectiveness.


PX2 TM Plus so Much More…


Back by popular demand, SYA is pleased to have Veer Manpreet Singh Ji from the UK to lead the kirtan and meditation sessions and Shankar Ramiah to run Yoga classes during the weekend. SYA is also currently negotiating to bring a highly successful Australian business identity on board to inspire our Sikh youths and share what it takes to be an outstanding community leader in Australia.




The cost of this program in the corporate sphere – inclusive of accommodation, meals and materials – is $2500 per person. Through the kind sewa of the facilitators and contributors, SYA can offer this program to the Sikh youth of Australia for $220 per person.

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