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SYA Future Leaders Program 2017

Why an SYA Future Leaders Program? 

SYA recognises that in this modern fast-paced world, good grades and a degree are not enough for success – we must constantly push the boundaries of our personal and professional skill to get ahead as individuals and as a community.

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How does it work? 

We have three programs to help you grow in your personal and professional arenas, no matter what your background.


[Level 1] The Lighthouse Workshop

Leadership starts with Self Awareness! Taking a page from the leading executive development programs run by Fortune 500 companies, the SYA Future Leaders Program begins your leadership journey with The Lighthouse Workshop. Come and look yourself in the mirror in a way you’ve never seen before!

The Lighthouse Workshop is a dynamic and interactive personal leadership workshop that helps you accelerate your effectiveness in leading yourself and others. The workshop will equip you to generate Maximum Value in any aspect of your life that you deem important.

Through a series of fun games, exciting challenges and intimate group sharing, you will gain a unique insight into your mindsets, automatic behaviours and the impact that this has on what matters to you.

You will leave the workshop:

  • Energized, invigorated and motivated;

  • Clear on what maximum value means to you in each aspect of your life;

  • In full ownership and responsibility to know and create the results you want every day; and

  • Ready to accelerate your leadership journey.

[Level 2] Success to Significance – Find your Purpose, Shape your Influence

Drawing on the lessons of self-mastery in [Level 1] The Lighthouse Workshop, this course will help you uncover your inner drive and purpose, and use it to shape your influence – on your family, your community and your world.

  • Champion internal change influences every aspect of your life

  • Learn to use the DiSC® profiling tool and about the latest techniques in interpersonal dynamics.

  • Understand how to discover and develop your inner purpose, and the tools you need to step into your significance

  • New: Negotiation Workshop Learn the practical strategies and techniques for powerful negotiation and assertiveness

The Startup Bootcamp – For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You may be wondering if you have “it” in you. This Bootcamp will pace you, hour-by-hour, through the syntax for creating a startup company out of a raw idea, that you can pitch with confidence to qualified investors within 48 hours of a cold start.

  • You may or may not have an idea, but have a passion for it, or you may simply be curious. Explore what you are capable of achieving.

  • The Bootcamp is taught at INSEAD Business School (ranked No. 1 International Business School by Financial Times) and IVEY Business School (ranked No. 1 by Business Week)

  • Over 100 Bootcamps have been run in 18 different countries

  • Over 50% of companies created at a Startup Bootcamp have attracted funding from investors

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The Women’s Leadership Circle (Empowerment & Leadership Growth of CALD Women)

Sikh Youth Australia has asked *Benaifer Bhadha to facilitate an intensive leadership workshop for women as a part of their Future Leader Program for this year. This is an invitation only program – please contact organisers for access code to register.

The Women’s Leadership Circle is an intensive and experiential personal workshop where women come together to explore their inner power, develop unique leadership skills, learn courageous communication techniques and discover their personal values, purpose and vision.

This workshop will guide you:

  • In a deep exploration of the internal and external obstacles that prevent us from stepping into our natural ability to lead.

  • You will become grounded in your ability to identify and act according to your core values and purpose.

  • Through reflection and experiential exercises, you will discover the power of your voice and practice expressing who you are and the vision you have for your future.

This workshop emphasises creating a safe and supportive space. Each member of the circle practices leadership listening in a non-judgmental and non-shaming technique taught by the facilitator. The goal of this intensive workshop is to discover your personal power as a woman.

*Facilitator Biography (The Women’s Leadership Circle):

Benaifer is an executive leadership coach, advocacy trainer and arts activist. She earned her Masters Degrees in International Affairs and in Social Work from Columbia University and is the co-director of “Two Women Talking” and “Yoni ki Raat”, two activist performances that explore gender, identity and empowerment in the lives of women. She has worked as a clinical therapist, human rights advocate and business leader.

Benaifer is dedicated to bringing leadership skills to women around the world. Her life’s work is to bring people into connection and help others experience how vulnerability and authenticity can bring power and leadership to their lives.

Over 130 university students and young professionals from around the Asia Pacific attended last year. Don’t miss out!

Last year’s program was OVER SUBSCRIBED within weeks – Register below and secure your spot today!

Friday, 7 July, 2017 6:00 PM – Sunday, 9 July, 2017 4:00 PM

Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation
Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen, New South Wales 2101, Australia

Enrolments Close
Wednesday, 5 July, 2017

* Overseas & interstate participants (including ACT and regional NSW) may be eligible for further discounts. Please contact BEFORE registering to claim this discount.

*In the corporate sphere, these programs cost $2500 per person. Through the kind Sewa of the facilitators, SYA is able to offer this program to young Sikh adults at a greatly discounted cost. Any donation to help recoup SYA costs is greatly appreciated.

*This program has been kindly supported by all Sydney Gurdwaras – Glenwood, Revesby, Austral, Penrith, Minto and Turramurra We would also like to thank our facilitators for their generous support and time.

Note: Program is strictly for 18 years and above


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