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National Workshops on Sikhism (Brisbane & GC)

SYA is pleased to announce  a new program initiative … Interactive workshops and seminars on Sikhism!

Workshops/seminars will be conducted by Prof. Jaswant Singh in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

The workshop topics include

  • Philosophy of Sikh Religion
  • Sikh Identity in Western Society
  • Guru Granth Sahib – The Sublime Guru
  • What is Dharam and what is God?
  • Sikh Way of Life (rituals and beliefs)
  • Essence of Jap Ji Sahib
  • Understanding Asa Di Var
  • Being a better Sikh Parent


Gold Coast 5-6 September 2011: Robina State High School, Southport Community Centre


Brisbane 7-9 September 2011: Indoz Sikh Community Centre Lecture Hall and Brisbane Sikh Temple Lecture Hall

For those who are not familiar with Prof Jaswant Singh Ji, he is an internationally recognised Sikh scholar who explains the teachings contained in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in a simple and incisive manner.


He delivers his seminars in both English and Punjabi, uses interactive technology and encourages dialogue with his audience.

He is non judgmental in his approach and conducts highly popular classes on Sikhism in Singapore and India. He is a regular facilitator at the SYA Summer Camps.

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