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Culture Care Pop Up Clinic - Revesby

Following on from the great success of the first Culture Care “Pop up” Health Clinic at this year’s SYA Summer Camp in January and the launch of the Culture Care iOS mobile App, we are excited to announce the first community health clinic to be held at Revesby Gurdwara, in NSW.

Designed for our respected elders in an effort to assist them in living long and health lives, the “pop up” clinic will involve a series of health checks and risk assessments that will encourage our old folk to identify and access medical care and be proactive in their medical health care.

What is Culture Care?

CultureCare© is a social healthcare project that developed from the 2012 Sikh Youth Australia National Leadership Development Program.

The CultureCare team has recognised that the Sikh and Punjabi community within Australia has rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease that are amongst the highest in Australia.

CultureCare’s goal is to raise awareness about the high rate of diabetes and Heart Disease within the Punjabi community in Australia to help us all live longer, happier and healthier lives. 


Please click here for a Google Maps location. Hope to see you all there! 

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