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Bhai Taru Singh - Movie

Only 3 shows in Sydney – get your Tickets today!


Showing:Sunday, 21st Feb: 12:45pm, 2:30pm4:30pm @ Hoyts Blacktown


For further information and tickets please contact:                                       

Swarn Singh :             0425 872 553

Inderpal Singh:           0403 017 250                                                        

Sukhvinder Singh:      0414 573 060                                                          

Padam Deep Singh:   0412 391 665




The movie is an attempt to expand our knowledge about Bhai Taru Singh Ji beyond the visuals of his ripped off scalp to an exemplary life lived in light of teachings of Guru Sahib. Bhai Sahib ji’s exalted life was an embodiment of glorious principles enshrined in Gurbani. The story of Bhai Taru Singh Ji can help in restoring the pride in following Guru’s Rehit in the modern world when apostasy is one the rise among Sikh Youth and compromising attitude to Sikh Values and Ethos is highly prevalent.




The concept of movie is derived from the fact that Bhai Taru Singh Ji lived during the most trying period for Sikhs. Under the cruel Mughal regime which was bent upon annihilating Sikh nation, Sikhs had price on their heads and were hunted like game animals by all alike. Still Bhai Taru Singh Ji did not only survive for 24 years but even earned respect and love of Hindus and Muslims of all the neighboring villages. His village was less than 40 miles away from Lahore still Bhai Sahib was spared by even the most hardened informers of his area. Bhai Sahib was martyred not because he was a devout Sikh but because being a true Khalsa Bhai Sahib protected a poor muslim girl from the clutches of the evil mughal official of his area.



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