Sikh Youth Australia

23rd SYA Summer Camp 2022

The past two years have been a challenge! COVID-19 has created distance between each of us and Gursangat.

Now is the time to reconnect with the Guru and each other at SYA’s 23rd Summer Camp 2022! 

Experience Sikhi Learning in the Special SYA Summer Camp way: From blissful kirtan and workshops with Veer Manpreet Singh and Dya Singh, to exciting interactive workshops led by other Australian Sikh youth, to uplifting history and relatable stories shared by our elders – participants will grow their Sikhi knowledge in a sangat-charged and enjoyable atmosphere.

Reconnect with Friends: In one of the few family camps anywhere in the world, you’ll have company at any age level. If you’re young enough not to drink cha, make and build your friendship in the jathas, age group activities and from infamous mafia card games. If cha is go-to, we’ll have cha afternoon sessions as well as discourse and recreational activities.!

COVID is Front and Centre: We’re working closely with the NSW Dept of Sport & Recreation to ensure our camp is COVID safe and compliant with NSW Health Guidelines. Our tickets will remain fully refundable for any changes in restrictions or COVID-related circumstances, no questions asked


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