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23rd Annual SYA Summer Camp - Jan 2023

We are excited to announce the return of SYA’s annual Summer Camp for Jan 2023.

The dates are locked in and the venue is booked, so mark it on your calendar.

Date: 4th Jan – 8th Jan

Venue: Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Narrabeen

It’s been 3 years since our previous camp and we can feel the excitement and desire to reconnect with the SYA family.

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Are you ready for the best camp yet?

Experience Sangat Again: Now more than ever, we’re all in need of that camp energy, those cha-encounters and all the sikhi learning we’ve missed in this COVID-era.

Reconnect with Old Friends: When was the last time you shared conversation over cha after the gurdwara satsang? Reexperience the joy of connecting with old friends and making new ones too.

COVID is Front and Centre: To make sure nobody is disadvantaged by a border closure or anything related to COVID which prevents you attending, we will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked.

Sikh Youth Australia’s 23rd Summer Camp 2023

When: Wednesday 4th January to Sunday 8th January 2023

Where: Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, Wakehurst Pkwy, North Narrabeen NSW 2101

SYA’s 23rd Summer Camp will reach capacity well before the closing date.
*Children/Toddlers Under 5 Years Old – can attend free of charge at the camp!

Please email to obtain the access code to register a participant under 5 years old!

The Famous SYA Summer CampSYA has run annual summer youth camps since 1999. Now in its 23rd year running the SYA summer youth camp is an opportunity to make new friends and have fun, while also having the ability to immerse in knowledge and understanding of Sikhism.

By the end of the camp each participant, no matter how young or old, will leave with at least one thing they didn’t have before they arrived, whether they have learnt something new, created a new friendship or discovered something about themselves!


Each year a team of international facilitators share their knowledge, educate and inspire our youth through katha, workshops, multimedia presentations and open discussions. This is all done in an interactive, fun and relaxed learning environment with English as the primary medium.

Facilitators for the 2023 Summer Camp will be confirmed shortly.
ALL facilitators maintain a relaxed, non-judgemental environment where questions and discussions are encouraged. While the main medium is English, ALL facilitators speak BOTH English & Punjabi.

A curriculum focused on learning the core basics of Sikhi, in a fun, entertaining and nurturing environment!Adventure activities are organised every afternoon including; sailing, canoeing, rope courses, archery, swimming, basketball & soccer.Fun and Interactive sessions/workshops for children under the age of 10 years

Each participant is allocated a Jatha for the duration of the camp – taking part in daily competitions, challenges, activities, sewa and kirtan.Encouraged and fostered to meet, share and grow with others of their own age and learn about the Sikh religion & heritage.Sports/Drama/Discussions and Cultural Activities provide an opportunity for all youth to show their skills, passions and talent.

Challenging and engaging seminars to learn about Gurbani, and gain a deeper understanding of Sikhi, History and the way in which Sikhi fits into a modern context.Daily discussion groups with other adults on interesting and contemporary topics.Kirtan & Katha sessions presented in BOTH English & Punjabi. Santhiya classes are also run to help improve your knowledge of Paath and Gurbani

Meals and Accommodation: 
All meals are provided for the duration of the camp of which all are vegetarian and include both Punjabi and Western cuisine options. Lodging is also provided for the duration of the camp within recently renovated fully airconditioned cabins with showers and toilets. 


  • “It was my first camp and I really enjoyed myself. We had a lot of interesting activities like indoor soccer, drama night and discussion sessions about seva and Sikhism. It was great fun! – Mighty Khalsa Youth
  • “A most exciting, educational and enjoyable experience. I was overwhelmed at the varied communication styles used to instil the value of Sikhi into our youths.” – Sardar Udam Singh, Grandparent.
  • “When my children sat in the car after the 2009 camp, they asked ‘When are we coming back?’ ” – Amardeep Kaur, Parent
  • “The calibre and nature of facilitators were outstanding… very friendly, easy to talk to and non-judgemental.” – University Student

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