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An Experience Worth Cherishing, A Weekend Well-Spent

My husband had attended Sikh Youth Australia’s camps before, but for me the 3-day Youth Leadership Camp being held at the Sydney Sports Academy in Narrabeen was a first. What he had told me had intrigued me very much and I was looking forward with great anticipation to the camp.

During the hour-long drive to Narrabeen I was surprisingly not nervous. Instead I was all primed to meet new people and to relax my mind and body. I was blissfully unaware of the fact that this was going to be a life-changing experience for me and that I would meet so many highly motivated and successful people. It was truly an eye opener and a soul-rejuvenating experience.

When we arrived at the camp site we were welcomed by the members of the SYA family. All looked glad to be there and familiar with one another. I bravely plunged into the milieu and introduced myself. Before long it was time for Rehraas and we all headed for the hall. Rehraas was followed by Kirtan by Veer Manpreet which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

For me, everything was like a kaleidoscope of myriad hues with all joining in to give the event a positive and warm atmosphere. There were the facilitators, bringing forward their life experiences and speaking of events which helped them gain an edge over others and enabled them to carve out their own niche. There was the new training on PX-2 (Pathway to Excellence). This was designed to motivate the mind and to make one realise how goals can be achieved by changing old habits, beliefs and attitudes. And yes, the frequent short meal breaks to keep the mind alert and body active were an awesome treat, as were the kirtan and early morning yoga lessons.

It was not all hard work. There was fun and lots of typical Punjabi Khup (noise). And yes, who could forget the Bhangra where we not only had fun but competed as well. There was so much happening that I had a tough time absorbing it all. As it came time to say goodbye, I was already looking forward to the promise of meeting up again during the coming summer camp. As I wait I shall sit back and relish all my memories of a weekend which for me was a truly life-changing experience.

by Puneet Kaur Pardal Soni

Official photos from the camp can be viewed here.